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RBT training is the answer to problem behavior

Problem Behavior is listed as the #1 cause of the resignation of new teachers by the School Supervisor’s Association. What can you do about it? Here we are in November. There are kids everywhere who had problem behavior in September and even some in October. Kids who were anxious about new settings, or uncomfortable with the change in schedules, buildings and classmates from last year have settled in. Those behaviors are largely gone. Yet, there remain a few kids; perhaps only one kid per class who are having problems. These are the challenges that cause: early retirements, endless disciplinary meetings, parents hiring attorneys and the attacks of PTA Boards on school administrators and teachers alike.

Is there something that can be done to solve this problem? Yes! The answer is here.

Our training for staff to become an RBT (Registered Behavior TechnicianTM) is a competency based, online 40-hour training that can take the tension out of the class through evidence-based...

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Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider

October 4, 2017

Dear Lisa Rinaldo,
On behalf of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (“BACB”), I am pleased to confirm your continued status as an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider. Your provider number remains OP-07-0134, and your next renewal date is August 31, 2017. Please record this information in an easily retrievable location, as you will need it when interacting with other professionals, consumers, and the BACB.

Also attached is the logo for your continued use as an ACE provider. Please note that you may not alter or modify the logo, except as provided at

The BACB maintains an ACE provider registry on our website. Although it is updated regularly, it is not necessarily the definitive documentation of ACE provider status. If a consumer, a certificant, or a state agency needs to verify your status as an ACE provider in an official capacity, please have them contact us.

The BACB requires an annual renewal for maintaining...

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