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This 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) course is a 100% online, video-based training program. It will prepare you  to take the RBT Exam offered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

This is a great opportunity to advance careers especially for those who work with individuals with special needs but do not have college degrees.

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How the RBT® Training Course Works

RBT® training is a great opportunity to start or advance your career. Our training is ideally suited for certified and non-certified individuals like educators, paraprofessionals, parents and young adults. There is a high demand for RBTs.

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This is a great opportunity to advance your career. You must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate.

This 40-Hour RBT® Training will increase your knowledge of ABA principles and best practices and extend existing expertise.

Due to the increased need for evidence-based practice in many areas of social and educational training, the RBT® credential was created by the BACB to raise the level of competence in the delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

The RBT® is required by a great many (nearly all and certainly most) of the insurance companies who provide insurance coverage for the treatment of children with Autism.

RBT® training has grown in popularity with Paraprofessionals, Support staff, team members and parents who work with individuals with developmental disabilities.

The training will cover all of the tasks in the RBT Task List (2nd Edition) including the Ethical requirements that have been designated as being relevant for Behavior Technicians. This program is offered independent of the BACB.

Advance Your Career

Training covers a variety of topics that are necessary for an individual to pursue a career as a Behavior Technician, working directly with individuals diagnosed with Autism or other developmental disabilities.

Training for Educators

For educators and other professionals who would like to learn evidence-based, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and strategies for helping students or clients with developmental behavior challenges.

Training for Parents

Parents would benefit from ABA. They will find these skills help dramatically when dealing with ABA professionals or educators if you have a child who is developmentally challenged or experiencing problem behavior.

The RBT® Credential

The RBT® credential it is a certification offered by the BACB.  

Our company, Verbal Behavior Institute, is a continuing education provider (ACE Provider #: OP-07-0134) approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).


We are pleased to announce the release of our updated RBT Exam Preparation module. The practice exam features videos and multiple choice questions and answers, that review the following topics: Measurement, Assessment, Skill Acquisition, Behavior Reduction, Documentation & Reporting & Ethics. This is a limited time offer.

The RBT® training is for educators, paraprofessionals, parents or other professionals who would like to learn evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and strategies for helping clients or family members with developmental behavior challenges. 

RBT® required steps include...

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high school diploma or the equivalent
  • Complete this 40 hour training course
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Complete initial Competency Assessment
  • Pass the RBT® exam

You have 180 days (6 months) to complete the training course. It must not be completed in less than 5 days.

Who Benefits from RBT® Training?

Practically anyone would benefit from being introduced to applied behavior analysis. You will find the skills transfer to all facets of life. However, becoming an RBT® would especially benefit:

  • People who work directly with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • School Districts
  • Teachers and Paraprofessionals
  • Daycare Workers & Non-Certified Staff
  • Homeschoolers
  • Individuals Seeking Career Advancement
  • Parents of developmentally challenged or experiencing challenging behavior
  • Speech Pathologists and Occupation Therapists
  • Direct care staff in residential settings such as group homes
  • Hospital administrators and staff
  • Nursing supervisors or special needs staff
  • Home health aides
  • Emergency response teams
  • Case managers
  • Hospice staff and supervisors
  • Direct care staff
  • After-school activity staff

Built-In Accountability

Our system monitors each lesson. Before a course completion certificate is issued, a review of each lesson is performed. If the user has not sufficiently viewed each lesson, the course completion certificate request is denied. Users can then revisit the incomplete lesson, complete it, and send another request for completion certificate. This ensures each learner spends the required time on all lessons.

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Testimonials from two of our clients...

RBT® is a great way to advance your career. No college degree required.


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