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How can you make home instruction easier

How Can You Make Home Instruction Easier?

homeschooling online education problem behavior rbt training Dec 21, 2020

That is a huge question, one that’s on the mind of many parents these days. It is not an easy task and it’s surely not a ‘fast’ task. The good news is a solution based in decades-old, proven principles does exist. Our online training called the Registered Behavior Technician® or RBT® course is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and best practices. ABA is the science of behavior change and it is particularly good news for parents teaching their children at home.

Teachers and educators go through a series of coursework, internships and supervision experiences BEFORE they are permitted to teach. That noted, if you are a parent or someone helping to instruct children (learners) at home because of the COVID 19 pandemic, what follows can help you.

Your biggest challenge is this: how to obtain and maintain the learner’s attention in the first place. You can’t teach someone who isn’t paying attention. Any parent or teacher can tell you: You can teach effectively ONLY when the learner is engaged.

Remember the song and sounds of the ice-cream-man truck in the summer? When a learner hears that song playing or bells ringing to indicate the presence of a nice cold treat during the dog days of summer – you have his/her attention! There are very few children who after one trip to the little white truck dispensing those treats, that needs to be reminded of what that jingle means when the truck rolls around the next time.

In ABA lingo, attention that is reinforced with ice cream, maintains the learning. A simple concept that can be applied to other areas of instruction.

Home instruction is not easy. It can be very frustrating. Learning this and other ABA principles and best practices can make life easier and much less stressful. Applying an ABA strategy during instruction will:

  • - Increase motivation of the learner to stay engaged
  • - Reinforce the learner as they get instruction
  • - “Shape” the behavior of the learner over time to make sure that their experience with you is like the ‘ice cream man,’ a favorable one.

We think you would love to see your learner running towards you as opposed to from you, when your instruction time starts. Our online RBT® training course can teach you how to increase that likelihood using ABA strategies.

The RBT® coursework will help you if your goal is to provide effective instruction and behavioral control during that instruction. If you would like, the coursework can also serve as a foundation for anyone who might be interested in pursuing the RBT® credential by following the process outlined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

If you would like to start RBT® training, click this link for more information.

The online RBT® training course is guaranteed to give you and your learner dramatically new and improved outcomes.

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