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RBT® training is the answer to problem behavior

how to prevent problem behavior problem behavior rbt training registered behavior technician Nov 24, 2018

Problem Behavior is listed as the #1 cause of the resignation of new teachers by the School Supervisor’s Association. What can you do about it? Here we are in November. There are kids everywhere who had problem behavior in September and even some in October. Kids who were anxious about new settings, or uncomfortable with the change in schedules, buildings and classmates from last year have settled in. Those behaviors are largely gone. Yet, there remain a few kids; perhaps only one kid per class who are having problems. These are the challenges that cause: early retirements, endless disciplinary meetings, parents hiring attorneys and the attacks of PTA Boards on school administrators and teachers alike.

Is there something that can be done to solve this problem? Yes! The answer is here.

Our training for staff to become an RBT (Registered Behavior Technician®) is a competency based, online 40-hour training that can take the tension out of the class through evidence-based practice. Send us an email for a free, no obligation review of our training course [email protected] 

You and your staff will receive the following benefits from this RBT® training:

- Instead of asking “why” a behavior occurs, learn about the “function” of that behavior with Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Learn how to identify behaviors by their dimensions: duration, intensity, frequency, latency, etc.

  • - Use scientifically proven methods to reduce problem behavior – no more guess work
  • - Get your staff back into the classroom and out of never-ending meetings with angry parents and lawyer 
  • - Produce “Data Sets” that protect you and your district from litigation and document progress with individuals 
  • - Find the invaluable benefits that come with a well-trained staff’s ability to deal with problem behavior and the confidence that comes from results.

Last spring the US Supreme Court in a rare unanimous decision found that school districts have an obligation under law to provide an “appropriately ambitious” education to children, even and perhaps especially children with problem behavior. How can staff deliver ambitious education, if problem behavior interferes?

We’ve had the privilege to serve school districts and organizations across the United States and in other countries like Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, India to name a few. All of whom use our training to change their outcomes. Sign up for a NO RISK, no obligation training to create the skills required to become an RBT.

The cost is currently $99 per user and we offer a discount for five or more users. Payment by major credit card and purchase order accepted.

Send us an email for a free, no obligation review of our training course [email protected] 

Or, call (732) 254-0300 for a live representative who will answer any questions you have about the RBT training.

We look forward to being of service to you and your organization.