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Plan carefully your budget can avoid a costly lawsuit next year.

Plan carefully your budget can avoid a costly lawsuit next year.

avoid litigation rbt training for educators special education budget Mar 07, 2022

The budget you create this year will have everything to do with avoiding costly lawsuits next year.

Across the United States, specialty education attorneys are lining up for the chance to sue school districts whose students are behind grade-level. This is expected behavior. The pandemic forced untested ways of dealing with an international crisis, unlike anything the world has experienced in the past one hundred years. School districts acted as best they could to protect both students and staff, but there was no time to obtain researched information to show how the action taken would impact quality of education. We are discovering students lost a lot of functional capacity during this time. This loss of function creates an exposure to lawsuits. To avoid that costly outcome, why not include training funding that better equips your staff this coming year.

Considerable uncertainty surrounds the overall state of school finance coming out of the pandemic. As unemployment peaked soon after the economic lockdowns that involved most states after March 2020, states became very concerned about the expected future tax revenues, and they began planning a retrenchment in all spending, including that for schools. In response to the overall economic situation and recognizing the potential problems of schools, the federal government increased its spending—directing specific portions of funds to schools. As the pandemic subsides and the economy returns to its prior level, uncertainty about school finance remains. School districts must separate short-run spending from long-run, steady-state expenditure. - Eric A. Hanushek, Senior Fellow, Stanford University, Hoover Institution

To avoid costly litigation, data collection is critical: 

In most legal cases brought against school districts in the past 30 years, the solution to avoiding financial loss is the ability to measurably demonstrate student progress. This means, setting meaningful goals and tracking data that supports those goals to ensure outcomes are appropriate and accomplished. In schools that have data on outcomes, rare is the case where large settlements were obtained by the plaintiff attorneys because of failure to achieve adequate progress. 

Training of instructional staff is key: 

If your school staff does not have the training and the tools to set meaningful goals, collect data to capture baseline results, and demonstrate improvement in achieved outcomes – it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to create a successful line of legal defense. 

The Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) online training course is the solution to this impending financial crisis. RBT® is competency based, progressive education based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is the science of behavior change. For only $99 per user, your staff can take the RBT® coursework at their own pace and achieve the milestones that are needed to efficiently and effectively document student progress. The training course comes with a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee. 

Call us today to find out how this relatively low-cost online training program can insulate your organization from costly litigation. We can be reached at (732) 254-0300 or email us at [email protected] for more details. There is no obligation. 

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We look forward to being of service to your organization.