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VBI at ABAI conference.

"VBI Dream Team" presents at International ABA Conference in Boston.

abai rbt training the use of the registered behavior technician May 30, 2022

Our own James (Jimmy) O’Brien, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and key instructor in our online RBT training course, as always, gave an impeccable presentation to ABAI attendees. 

Jimmy, a man who is at the very top of the field in terms of his expertise and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, was so excited to present on the topic of: The Use of the Registered Behavior Technician  (RBT) credential for older learners with intellectual disabilities and Autism. 

Vivian Attanasio, another RBT instructor of the training course, and the owner of VBI were all on the panel speaking to an international audience on how, specifically, the RBT makes a great deal of economic and ethical sense in working with older learners. Pictured above from left to right are James O’Brien, BCBA, Vivian Attanasio, BCBA, Terence Blackwell, BCBA and Cheryl Blackwell, CEO of Verbal Behavior Institute.  

Applied Behavior Analysis International is a professional not for profit organization representing the application of the science of ABA across a wide array of audiences for the betterment of society.