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Recovering from damage done to students and families by COVID.

Recovering from damage done to students and families by COVID.

covid impact on education special education May 31, 2022

What impact on education and learning has the pandemic had on students, especially in special education programs during the past two years?

One thing nearly everyone agrees on is that students suffered greatly during the many months of lockdown. The data is not fully tallied, but we know the impact was massive on both academic performance and social skills development. Is there a viable way to help students catchup and repair some of that damage?   

We believe the key is in improving the skills of teachers and instructors, using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and best practices.  We provide a service that will help students recover skills more quickly.   

For years the science of ABA has provided evidence-based practices to support more rapid and targeted skill development. We do not yet have sufficient data on how severely the pandemic impacted student learning. And, we do not yet know what needs to be done to reduce the learning deficit and improve the situation.   

What we do know is gaining and maintaining instructional control through precise instruction and shaping of appropriate behavior of students, will be an essential part of every successful future effort. This is how the online Registered Behavior Techniciantm  (RBT) training course provides maximum benefit to school districts like yours.  

The 40-hour one RBTtm training course is a sequence of instructional lessons based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA has been around since the days of Dr. B.F. Skinner. a prolific author, publishing 21 books and 180 articles. Dr. Skinner is a pioneer of modern behaviorism. He is considered the most influential psychologist of the 20th century. What Dr. Skinner studied and learned during his time at Harvard University was that human behavior is influenced both by what occurs prior to a behavior as well as what happens after that behavior. This later part he named “operant” conditioning, to address the fact that very often what takes place after behavior will either increase or decrease the future probability that a learner will engage in that behavior again.   

Considering the past few years, what did students “learn” from the pandemic? They learned that there are occasions when a health crisis will suspend all demands in the form of “school.” In other words, the demand for education was removed for nearly two years. Now, fast forward to the academic year starting September 2022.   

What will happen when students who were largely able to occupy their time with non-academic tasks are faced with waking up early, attending school and engaging in 6.5 - 7 hours of daily “demand” in the form of attending traditional school? We believe there is a high probability of students engaging in problem behavior. This is especially true of students with learning disabilities.   

The online RBT coursework can assist educators and parents in being prepared to use scientifically validated methods to address problem behavior and to shape that behavior into more productive, desired behavior. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your staff isn’t adequately prepared for the RBT exam offered by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board.  

Time is of the essence so call us at your earliest convenience at (732) 254-0300 or email us at [email protected] 


We look forward to being of service to your organization.