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How To Get The Most Impact From Your Training Budget

rbt training staff training & development training budget Feb 18, 2019
  • What if you could raise the level of your staff’s competence with an affordable, research-based and internationally recognized training, for less than the cost of an hour of the training time?  
  • What if the training you provide is utilized for the entire school year?
  • What if staff looked at the training as a benefit and career enhancement? 
  • What if the same training can help your staff generalize their knowledge to include not only classroom performance but also when they work in a home?  

Every year, schools and childcare programs throughout the world spend billions of dollars on orientation and staff training. What is the long-term impact of that training? Sadly, according to research on the subject by the National Implementation Research Network, in 90 days nearly ALL of the impact of the best training disappears. There is an an exception to that research finding. The exception is this: when training is applied, supervised and reinforced, there is an excellent record of huge positive gains in the quality and outcomes of educational programs, over time.


The Registered Behavior Techniciantm (RBT) training course is the exception. This credential, created by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, is a novel evidence-based training model offering forty hours of web-based competency-based training, that teaches support staff specifically how to implement applied behavior analysis principles and best practices, especially for individuals with special needs such as (the) Autism Spectrum Disorder. RBT is particularly effective in addressing problem behavior.


There are multiple benefits for including the RBT in your staff training budget:

  • Several modules address the development of competency measures that benefits students, schools, teachers and parents alike
  • The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously to require programs that are “appropriately ambitious.” After all, if no means of measuring outcomes exist, how can a district or program defend its position if called for, due to litigation?
  • The RBT is a credential recognized by major insurance companies as an evidence-based practice for staff working with children. Many have made a mandatory requirement
  • Professor Hanushek of Stanford University noted in his research the “only thing that makes a difference in student progress, is the quality of the teachers’ skills”
  • Registered Behavior Technicians are uniquely positioned to measure progress and assist with maintaining gains, reducing problem behavior and helping to generalize skills outside the classroom. RBTs practice under the supervision of a Board-certified behavior analyst. Their primary responsibility is the direct implementation of treatment plans developed by the supervising behavior analyst
  • Finally, the RBT training is a controlled credential for the international Behavior Analysts Certification Board, recognized worldwide as a standard of excellence.


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