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How to Prepare Your Staff For Children Returning To School

40-hour online registered behavior technician (rbt) training registered behavior technician Aug 01, 2021

The problem is: millions of kids are returning to school as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Will it be a big “play date” and how will teachers get behavior under control?

 The solution can be found in the science available which allows us with good levels of prediction, to shape the desired academic behavior of children. That science and the coursework to teach that science is available in a competency-based, 40-hour instructional course for only $99.

As school districts are preparing for the return to school of thousands of public schools, staff training considerations are a high priority. This year’s budget submission for training is unlike anything that occurred in recent history. Children have largely been at home for nearly a year. When they do return to school, it will be unlike any transition our nation, or any nation has ever experienced. How will you give your staff the tools to gain maximum impact in the shortest amount of time, based on strategies proven to provide outcomes? 

The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training course prepares users to pass the RBT Exam offered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The RBT courses offers 40 hours of online behavior modification instruction, with embedded competencies and quizzes. Join tens of thousands of people who use ABA to assist in delivering the highest quality learning experience for students. The content of the courses is based on more than fifty years of scientific research in human behavior, which is peer-reviewed and published. Join dozens of school districts large and small in creating sustainable change in the competencies of your staff.


For those who desire to use this course to advance their professional reputation and credentials, a test preparation module is available for those who wish to sit for the BACB exam to become registered. Take a look at our website www.OnlineRBTtraining.comor call us at 732-254-0300 to discuss larger group purchase and group discount. Our staff has several years of detailed expertise and stands ready to answer any questions you might have.