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How To Avoid Legal Fee Nightmare And Extreme Costs.

We recently referred to the U.S. Supreme Court unanimous decision requiring schools to provide an education that is appropriately ambitious. Most Federal Court decisions maintain that measurement is required to demonstrate progress. In other words, education is now legally accountable to students progress.

So, what is the cost of not providing an appropriately ambitious and measurable education? They are many and very costly.
The first and most profound impact is the loss of potential in a child’s life....A child/student who does not receive the FAPE (Free and Appropriate Education) as required by law is harmed. Their family is harmed. Their community is harmed and, in the end, society as a whole is harmed, if a school does not meet its legal and moral obligation. How can an education be appropriate or ambitious if there is no measure of the outcome?
What is the value of a child’s lost potential? That answer differs, depending on your observation position. If...
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