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How To Find The Time To Train Special Ed Staff


Over the past few months, we've heard the feedback loud and clear. School administrators love the RBT training and at the same time have a hard time fitting in the staff training hours that are required to complete the course. So, we've come up with a few ideas that we hope are helpful.

Over the next few weeks, as school districts wind down the days towards the end of the semester, we've helped many districts plan for ways to maximize the time that is often lost productivity by integrating the RBT training into coverage hours. In more non-educational administrative language, when you find yourself with teachers aides and paras who are working full days, but the kids are dismissed early - why not use those hours and convert them into useful, skill development time?

Another idea that is popular among some clients representing school districts where union requirements have summer session running a reduced schedule, is to purchase the RBT...

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